Well, well here we go. I can’t believe I am actually writing a blog. I hope you are all ready for my crazy ebbs and flows of life and just letting out my head trash. Many days I have so much to say and no one to listen. I promise not to bore you with my dull moments, but however, I hope I make you realize that All Women have a little part of them that Just Ain’t Right.

Let’s start by introducing ME! I am a single mom of 3. The oldest is Special Needs and if anyone knows what it is like to fight for your child that is me! I think having a special needs child is what has made a Rebel out of ME! I once was a shy, quiet followed all the rules kind of girl, not anymore. I am no longer compliant when I have a passion for something, or I feel there is a better way of doing things. Hence, I am still single after 5 years of being divorced. I wouldn’t change any of it for one last minute. I have grown to become One HELL of an Independent Woman!

I hope you are as excited as I am to read my crazy everyday life experiences, between motherhood, single life, and dating I am sure there will be enough to entertain you.


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